Kitchen Remodeling Services

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OK. We admit it. We fully obsess about the details. We realize that an absolutely beautiful kitchen is completely dependent on getting the details precisely right.

  • The way the drawers are crafted to quietly and effortlessly close

  • The way in which especially tall cabinets are planned to comfortably house family-size cereal boxes

  • The surprise and delight of a well-structured spice rack

  • The exact right shade of granite

We bring this obsession to every type of project we touch and through every step along the process.

Sycamore Kitchens & More. Serving Bucks County, PA

Our Process

Remodel process - step 1 Consultation

Complimentary Design Consult 

Remodel process - step 2 In-home visit

In-Home Design Visit

Remodel process - step 3 3D Rendering

3D Rendering Technology

Remodel process - step 4 Installation


Remodel process - step 5 Final Inspection

Final Inspection

Details about our kitchen remodeling process