The One Week Kitchen Remodel

It might sound too good to be true – a kitchen remodeling job that takes only one week. But it can be done by Sycamore Kitchens. This week at Sycamore Kitchens our team removed the granite countertop in a client’s kitchen, then removed the old cabinets. By the end of the week, new cabinets will be installed around the existing back splash. The granite and appliances will be re-installed. The homeowners thought they could update their kitchen with the new appliances and granite they purchased fairly recently. But new granite and appliances just made the old cabinets look worse, bringing attention to the signs of age. Sycamore Kitchens came to the rescue. By the end of the week, new cabinets will complete the updated look. Sycamore Kitchens owner Bruce Roth says, “Homeowners often think they can get the look of a new kitchen by just installing new granite and appliances, and then are disappointed with the results.” If you’re in that situation, call Sycamore Kitchens at 215-968-8985. We’ll help you pick out the perfect cabinets (and countertops if you need them) to complement your kitchen. We remodel bathrooms, too!

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