Sycamore Kitchens Remodels Synagogue Kitchen

Sycamore Kitchens & More made a total kitchen renovation dream come true for a Newtown Synagogue. Congregation Brothers of Israel moved to Newtown several years ago from Trenton, NJ where they had a huge catering kitchen. The relocation to a former Bucks County church building was for the convenience of most of the members who live on this side of the river. But it was a huge inconvenience for the synagogue groups used to having a large kitchen to prepare frequent dinners and brunches and for weekly shabbat lunches.

The Newtown building’s existing kitchen was tiny. Like many home kitchens, the CBOI kitchen lacked needed oven, cabinet and counter space. After making due for several years, the leadership asked member Bruce Roth, owner of Sycamore Kitchens & More, for an estimate to make the kitchen a more functional and beautiful space. When he came back with the estimate, another member stepped forward and offered to pay for the whole project.

The kitchen now has three ovens – needed to heat catering trays – a microwave, quiet dishwasher, stainless steel refrigerator and cabinetry that goes to the ceiling that provides so much more storage. The sink is large enough for the big pots used to cook large meals. And the kitchen has beautiful granite countertops providing more counter space.

In the Synagogue bulletin, the organizers of the fundraising project for the new kitchen wrote, “We would be remiss if we did not recognize Bruce Roth for his generosity and assistance in this project. He and his staff at Sycamore Kitchens & More made this remodel painless. We would definitely recommend them to you and your friends if you are interested in having renovations done in your home.” If you need a new kitchen in your house, or your house of worship, you can trust Sycamore Kitchens to do an excellent job.

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